Set up your food automation solution in just a few simple steps

Scan the QR code using your device’s camera or download here.

Note: Allow the application to run from unknown sources when prompted. You will need to download from our server until these applications are in the app store.

Download and Install the Ordering Terminal App


Launch the ordering app and sign up.

An email will be sent to the specified email address.

Sign up for QwickServe, it's FREE!


Confirm your Email

Check your mailbox and find the confirmation email. Click the link in the email to finalize account creation.


Sign in to the ordering app using the account you’ve just created to activate the app.

Activate the Ordering Terminal App


Set up Your Menu

Use the provided templates or create a menu from scratch.

Add Custom Items

Change the information however you want


To receive and process orders placed in the ordering app, download and install the kitchen app on another device.

Scan the QR code or click here.

Note: Allow the application to run from unknown sources when prompted. You will need to download from our server until these applications are in the app store.

Install the Order Manager App


Sign in to the app to activate it.

Activate the Order Manger App


Go ahead and place a few test orders via the Ordering Terminal App to make sure you receive it in your Order Manager App.

You are all set and ready to increase your profit.


Install QwickServe apps on multiple devices

The free version of Qwickserve allows you to install and activate as many ordering terminals and kitchen displays as required for your business. There are no limits on the number of downloads!

Just follow the quick and easy steps above for each additional device.

Start Accepting On-site Payments for Customer Orders

QwickServe Growth allows an easy integration with the most popular and secure credit card processing provider,  Square™.

See and Analyze Your Sales Data

Manage menus on the global level, change prices on the location level, configure menu activation schedule per location and much more. 

Enrich Customer Experience with Addons and Promo Suggestions

Give your customers a freedom to customize theirs order with extra paid ingredients. Create promo sets and special offers to increase loyalty and demand.  

Print Receipts with Customers Submit Orders

Optimize food counter attendant’s work and provide customers with printed copies of their orders. Use external thermal printers to print customer receipts even with the free version.

Add Kitchen Printers to your QwickServe Solution

Want to use printed kitchen order tickets or optimize and automate processes for multiple kitchen locations? QwickServe provides a powerful order routing and distribution solution available even with the free version.

Add your Business on QwickServe Mobile App

Expand you customers base with QwickServe Mobile App. Using the mobile app your customers can order and pay before picking up the orders.  Potential customers will find easily  with your restaurant listing.

Customize the Ordering Terminal Interface

Move to the next level and  engage your customers  with your custom-branded Ordering Terminal App and QwickServe Mobile. Contact our sales team to learn more about Custom Apps additional services. 

Track Your Inventory and Profits

QwickServe PRO allows retailers to track sales,  manage costs to optimize margins,  and control your inventory to reduce shrinkage and spoilage.

What's Next?

Take your made-to-order solution to the next level... Add Printers!

Even more exciting features with QwickServe®  Growth

Get a full picture of your sales  success with Sales reporting in Google Analytics. Track all orders and transactions  from everywhere.

Centralized Menu Management 

Multiple Locations?

 Take full advantage of QwickServe® PRO paired with C-Store Office® Back-office Software

Automate whole sales - food preparation processes with integrations with the most popular POS partners such as SmartPOS, Verifone, NCR, Wayne, Bulloch, and Gilbarco. Connect yours PIN-pads by Beyond, TSYS, PAX, and  CardConnect. 

POS system integration

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* – Hardware is not included and should be purchased separately. To accept payments, you will need to subscribe to the Full QwickServe solution and purchase hardware from Square or PAX.